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At SED you don't just learn science, but how to think like a scientist. You will combine creativity and critical thinking skills to design experiments, troubleshoot unexpected results, and draw conclusions. We undersand there's no such thing as a "failed experiment"- only a chance to learn something new, adjust your design, and try again!

Curiosity, creativity, and ingenuity are characteristics that nearly all scientists and children share. All children, being naturally inquisitive, are scientists who need only knowledge and experience to embrace the full potential of their imagination. SED's interactive laboratory experience focuses on hands-on and experiment-based learning to expose students to modern laboratory tools and techniques while encouraging the value of experimental design.


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  • Grades: K-8
  • Dates: JUNE 5TH - AUG 18TH
  • Timings: 9-12 PM and 1-4 PM with options for full day camps (8:00-5:00 PM) and half day camps
  • Course: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Robotics and Engineering
  • Camp Fees: $350/week (Full Day) or $195/week (Half Day)
  • In following Locations:
  • Irving: Yolo Klub, 9456 N MacArthur Blvd b, Irving, TX 75063
  • Coppell: Ballet Academy of Texas, 145 Fitness Ct, Coppell, TX 75019
  • Frisco: Viceroy Restaurant, 8740 Ohio Dr C, Plano, TX 75024


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What our parents say

  • I want to thank all of a for helping [my son], he has made great improvements in AP Physics. He went from a 64 in the class to an 85. You really made an impact with him and I really appreciate it. I�m very thankful to have found you (from a flyer)

  • My son is really enjoying camp and loving it! He is so excited and proud of all the things he learns about. The update email you sent with the activities and pictures helps me ask the right questions and he opens up more and tells me about his day. This was exactly what we were looking for to get him engaged in learning about science

  • I am afraid if I brought the girls back to the SED lab they will never want to leave ... SED is truly wonderful and I can't wait to experience more with both girls as they grow


Science Research Mentoring Programs offer students the opportunity to acquire knowledge and training in research. These programs are in general are very competitive to gain access into. Despite their proven value, liability, safety compliance and regulatory issues prohibit universities from opening doors to a larger number of students. SED provides you an alternative. In 2015-2016, SED has mentored over 30 research students in areas such as electronics, engineering, cancer, diabetes, neurobiology, microbiology, environmental science and nutrition. Mentors help identify unique and original projects based on students interest. By the end of the project, students create new knowledge. Knowledge that did not exist before. This inductive knowledge can be published, presented at numerous conferences/meetings/competitions, and constitute a major part of your essay in your college application. Since these are high level projects admission committees take a keen interest in your application, giving you the much needed edge. In other words, these research projects are a must as they have immense value beyond the immediate recognition and success in science fairs. Over the last one year, SED has mentored over 30-students to success, as inscribed below. Each of these students have a vocabulary of PhD students, and a clear cut goal in life! But most importantly they are now trained to ask the right questions while also thinking and creating in right boxes. This is how success looks at an early stage. We would like to thank all the parents for supporting and providing this opportunity to your kids. After all, nothing delights us more than to see our kids succeed. They are future of our minds.

Our kid's achievement


American Junior Academy of Science


National/State/Regional science Fair


Texas Junior Academy of Science


Broadcom Masters




Journal Publications




Society of American Military Engineers