Science, Entertainment, and Design (SED)!

Give your curiosity direction with guidance from our staff of experienced scientists! Bring your creativity to SED and you'll find the laboratory space, scientific mentorship, and professional insights that can help prepare you for a life on the leading edge of innovation.

Our mission is to foster and promote creativity, divergent thinking, and excellence in the next generation of innovators and scientists by mentoring children to explore their world using the scientific method.

  • Fun filled
  • Creative
  • Innovative
  • We are here to guide you

Why choose SED?

All SED instructors hold Bachelor's degrees at minimum with diverse backgrounds in chemistry, zoology, physics, environmental science, and the arts. Enrollment is limited so that our instructor-to-learner ratio never exceeds 1:16.

SED programs for elementary and middle school emphasize active learning through hands-on science experiments and critical thinking challenges that expose learners to the investigative process in a fun way. Kids can use their creativity to design and complete projects that help them make connections between fundamental science concepts and the world around them.

SED programs for high school focus on academic excellence and career preparation for future scientists. Whether your goal is to create an award-winning science fair project or score big on your Advanced Placement exam for biology or physics, SED is the place to start.

What do you do at SED?

SED is a world where students have the opportunity to build robot pets, learn JavaScript, and isolate DNA. We see the potential in students to become scientists and engineers in 3rd, 7th, and 12th grade, not years down the road. Step into our fully-equipped laboratory and maker space for an interactive learning experience where you will engage your scientific curiosity, troubleshoot unexpected results, and design new experiments to follow your own interests.

Who are your instructors?

We are science professionals with over 30 years of combined laboratory experience, including successful patents, clinical and bench research, national speaking engagements, journal editorship, and even TED talks. We have a passion for mentoring students in science, and believe that all children, being naturally inquisitive, are scientists who need only knowledge and experience to fulfill the potential of their imagination.

All SED instructors hold a Bachelor's degree at minimum, and some have even received Masters or Doctorate degrees. Our instructors have diverse educational backgrounds in biology, physics, environmental science, and the arts.