Posted: May 9, 2017

SED-Journey From Mud to Gold

This isn't a narrative about how to convert mud to pot of gold. This is an account of a SED student who designed a special mud-based water filtering device that beats your commercial water filter to win gold!

Flanked by Dad and Mom, a high school girl walked into SED two years ago. Two minutes into the conversation, I could palpate her sincere intrigue about the workings of human body fighting diseases through baffling and enduring conditions. What I could also sense was the amount of arduous support and energy that her parents were actively providing in nurturing her goals.

Meet Meghana Nadella, now a high school junior at Allen ISD, and a Pediatrician in making. Journey to Medical School isn’t an easy one. Perfect scores aren’t good enough. It all boils down to how you differentiate yourself from your peers. And that’s exactly what Meghana has done; she built a resume that strongly aligns with the needs of Medical Schools. Furthermore, she exhibits a discernable passion, an enviable understanding of fundamental research and a matching lingo to go with.

Last year she won half a dozen awards in National and international podiums. This year she published a paper in AAAS. She was invited to present her work at TJSHS, and last week she was awarded Gold Medal at iSWEEP (International Sustainable World Project Olympiad) for her work at SED. Meghana demonstrated that a type of clay called Magnesium Bentonite, has a strong antibacterial activity. Using a variety of molecular biology techniques, she discovered the mechanism underlying the antibacterial activity. She then targeted the mechanism using nanoparticles to build water filtration system delivering potable water straight from ponds or lakes in a manner that is more cost effective and efficient than the currently available devices! Let me remind you that the journey wasn’t easy. Meghana put in countless sleepless nights, persistently toiling hard, and holding her head high through her shares of tears, failures and frustrations. Failure is success if we learn from it. And Meghana did. Winston Churchill put this in right perspective when he said ‘Success consist of going failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm’. Let’s all take a moment to congratulate Meghana for what she achieved. But kudos is due to Meghana’s exemplary parents who made this happen! Oh! I almost forgot the best part! She has been selected from Nationwide pool to do an internship at one of the most coveted place for medical research-the National Institute of Health!! I hope this would serve as an inspirational piece for students and parents alike.

Akila M. (5th from the left) and Manasa G. (6th from the left) at the Texas State Science and Engineering Fair in San Antonio on March 29, 2015, where they earned second place.
Posted: August 19, 2015

SED Learners Among Broadcom MASTERS Semifinalists

Akila M. and Manasa G., who completed a laboratory research project under the guidance of SED's Dr. Devanjan Sikder, were named today as semifinalists for Broadcom MASTERS, a national competition for middle school students pursuing Math, Applied Science, Technology and Engineering. Only 300 students in the nation were selected from 6,000 applicants to receive this honor. The next group of 30 finalists will present their research in California for a chance to win $25,000 in prizes.

"The time we spent at SED helped us immensely and our project has taken us so far!! Thank you for all the time and help you put in; we couldn't have done so well in all these competitions without the mentorship we received from you!"

Broadcom MASTERS finalists will be announced September 2, 2015.

More about Broadcom MASTERS: Click here

Four SED Projects Advance to Regional Science Fair

SED is thrilled to announce that the following projects, conducted in partnership with SED mentors, earned awards at their local science fair competitions and will advance to the regional fair on February 24, 2015:

  • Abhishek M. (9th Grade) - 1st in category, Coppell High School
    Project: Antifungal effects of common herbs and spices
  • Zara T. (8th Grade) - 1st in category, CMS North
    Project: Wearable electronic device for early detection of syncope
  • Bhoomika K. (8th Grade) - 1st in category, CMS West
    Project: Invasion and metastasis signaling in cancer
  • Akila M. and Manasa G. (8th Grade) - 2nd in category, CMS West
    Project: Molecular tools in detecting cross contamination of foods

These learners have been working hard over the past three months to prepare for the competition. We wish them luck in the next round!

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Coppell Gifted and Talented Association Recognizes SED

“SED is a great addition to the community. The focus on STEM by industry and education at the national and state level makes SED a nice fit for the community to enhance the level of interest in a supportive learning environment for science. It provides an opportunity for young people to explore a variety of topics in science K-12..."

— Anthony Hill, CISD Trustee